2. Mai 2012
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27.05.2012 – LIVE IN CONCERT: Coby Grant & Prita Grealy

Coby Grant will once again be performing at Hof Schwartkop – and her friend and fellow musician Prita Grealy will be either.

Prita’s unique sound is ‘Hip-So-Fo’. It combines her love of Hip-Hop, Soul and Folk with the use of a live loop pedal and effortlessly layers funky urban harmonies, acoustic fingerpicking guitar and beat boxing. These contrasting dynamics add another element to her live solo show, which audiences have described as ‘captivating, inspiring and uplifting’.

iCal Event: coby_and_prita.ics

Map of the location (Google Maps, opens in new window)

More info on Coby Grant can be found at  http://www.cobygrant.com

Prita Grealy’s home base is located at http://prita.com.au




(c) Coby Grant, 2010

3. Oktober 2011
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Breaking News: 24.11.2011 – Coby Grant is in da house

Coby Grant is in da house (c) http://www.cobygrant.com

It is definitely a kind of miracle! She’s among the best australian female singer/songwriters, has an unbelievable voice … and having a stop at Glückstadt/Krempdorf in late November!!!
Besides being a tremendously gifted artist – she is one of the most charming persons on this lovely planet, too.
Ladies and Gentlemen: Coby Grant is returning to Germany and going to play a very special concert on November, 24th 2011.

Update!: Because of the big demand the concert location has moved from the Provianthaus Atelier to the “Hof Schwartkop, Dorfstr. 97, 25376 Krempdorf”.

iCal Event: coby_grant_is_in_da_house.ics

Map of the new location (Google Maps, opens in new window)

(c) Coby Grant, 2010

If you are interested in joining this event please drop me a line (although there is very limited space left, maybe we can find a way having you there;)

Looking forward to see Coby (and you) and counting days ’til she arrives 9, 8, 7 .., ;)


btw: In the unimaginable case that you do not know who Coby Grant is, have a look at http://www.cobygrant.com and get an impression how wonderful music can be …


28. August 2011
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It’s gonna be a bright, sunshiny day!

Hello Earthling,

… do you remember the following ’92 brand new heavies song?

it’s gettin’ hectic, it’s gettin’ crazy,
it’s gettin’ hectic, it’s gettin’ wild!

It always sounded to me like they were singing about an unsuccessful project manager reporting to his chef – well, this needn’t to happen to your it-project:
in the last 10 years of project management i have tried several models (waterfall, V-model and so on) and finally
got addicted to agile project management (the Scrum method) combined with my personal special ingredients: non-violent communication (NVC).

This leads to a project-life described best with the song mentioned in the headline – sung by Jimmy Cliff (and later the Hothouse flowers):

It’s gonna be a bright, sunshiny day!

Scrum is the revelation, that the success of it-projects depends on every single involved person and the team they are forming together.
Wow, it took scientific people more than 30 years to discover this ;)
In other words: With a minimal ruleset and a concept with a strong permanent feedback loop – integrating every steakholder in a project at the right place and time, this is the best working project management method these days.

The project manager is dead, long live the team!

That was the reason why i started the scrum journey 2 years ago – which led to being a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), although i spent and still spend most of my it-life being a product owner (taking care of functional issues as well as responsibility for time, budget and resource planning).

So this is the right place to find out more about

  • agile project management (Scrum)
  • non violent comunication (NVC)
  • architectural and conceptual work
  • product management
  • business development

If you are interested in doing projects with me and need  somebody for one of the roles above, please have a look at my bio and just drop me a line.

Pssst! Hey, i have to tell you a secret … my heart is beating for another world, too: ART
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